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Many pupils at St Clare’s receive transport provided by the local authority. For further details on local authority provision and support regarding transportation please see:

Derby City Council SEND Transport

Independent Travel training

Derby City Council Transport Policy (PDF)

Derby City Council Post 16 Transport Policy (PDF) Post%2016%20Transport%20Policy%20Statement.pdf

Derbyshire County Council SEND Transport

St Clare’s School Code of Behaviour – Transport

Everyone on the bus shares the responsibility for a safe and enjoyable journey to and from school.

What we expect from students:

  • Be polite and respect everyone on the bus.
  • Never shout, as it distracts the driver and this can cause accidents.
  • Take personal responsibility for putting on your seat-belt.
  • Remove litter from the bus.
  • Respect everyone’s personal space. This means no touching or throwing objects.
  • Report problems to the escort, or teacher when you arrive at school.

You are allowed to:

  • Listen to music as long you use earphones.
  • Talk quietly to other students near you.

Your Transport provider will:

  • Treat you with respect.
  • Make sure you are safe and well during the journey.
  • Deliver you to and from home safely.
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